Cadets Association

Cadets Association

Various activities organised by the "Bureau des Élèves" (Cadets Association, BdE) set the pace for the bordaches’ lives: hikes, themed parties, theatre, choir, sports challenges, and so on. Everyone, no matter their inclination, can find fulfilment during their studies at the Naval Academy. The BdE actively supports the officer-cadets who wish to put together original projects (Longtze sailing season, 4L Trophy, academy gala, charity organisation, Marine Partage, Horizon project, etc.).

The Ball

Each year, at the end of June, first- and second-year students at the Naval Academy organise the Naval Academy Ball, which allows students to meet and mingle among different years and guests at a gala dinner and fireworks show.

The Choir

The Naval Academy choir sings sea shanties that reflect the general spirit of la Baille. It performs during the Academy’s internal and external events.

The 4L Trophy

The 4L Trophy is a desert adventure, but it is also a humanitarian project to benefit Moroccan children. It is an unforgettable race in which the Naval Academy participates every year.


The EDHEC Cup invites athletic European students to compete against
each other on sea, land and beaches. Like the GPEN, it is a trial in the Longtze Student Cup.
Students also participate in hikes and international

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