Training Support

The Naval Academy employs permanent instructors from a variety of disciplines, with different statuses and expertise: instructor-researchers in delegation from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, instructors from the French Ministry of Education and contract instructor-researchers. The scientific training is carried out by university professors, senior lecturers, some of whom are accredited to lead research (HdR), or doctors who teach, but also conduct research at the French Naval Academy Research Institute (IRENav).

The team of permanent instructor-researchers is rounded out by young doctoral students—teaching and research assistants (AER)—while they prepare their thesis at IRENav.The human and military training benefits from the expertise of military instructors, officers and petty officers from the forces and a team of certified and specialised professors, who are involved in human sciences research.

The maritime training is generally conducted by sailors, sea professionals: naval officers and expert maritime petty officers. The permanent team also includes a Météo-France engineer. This engineer is made available to the Navy at the Naval Academy, and is involved in both the scientific and maritime training of the officer-cadets