Seafaring Courses

The seafaring courses are responsible for training crews, in all specialities (mainly nautical). More than 500 cadets per year take these courses.

The seafaring courses train three specialities:

-Semaphore Watchmen

Training :

The training mission of the seafaring courses covers
three levels:

- FEM training (basic professional training), MONAV (navigator-watchman sailor) and PONT, for three to four weeks to instil in students the fundamentals of the profession that they will exercise at the level of a basic operator;

- The “brevet d’aptitude technique” (technical certificate, BAT), between four and a half and six months, trains young sailors to learn the maritime, military and
technical skills that will be essential on their first deployments as operators and technicians on board units of the French Navy;
- The “brevet supérieur” (advanced certificate, BS), from five to eleven months, trains advanced technicians to lead staff, maintain and manage equipment, but above all to assist officers in charge of a department in bridge organisation and navigation, manoeuvring or costal surveillance.

BAT or BS-level courses are open to foreign petty officers and quarter-masters, within the framework of bilateral cooperation.