Axe 2 : Electromechanical conversion and Renewable energy

Marine renewable energy

-# Rim Driven Project (integrated turbine generator) in collaboration with L2EP/Arts et Métiers Paris Tech. The aim of this project is to develop a Multi physics model of an integrated rim driven turbine and to build a demonstrator. (Contact : JF Charpentier)

-# SHIVA Project. Hydrodynamic numerical and experimental studies of new concept of vertical axis turbine based on the optimal variation of the pitch angle of the blades. (Contact : F. Hauville)

-# Virtual hydrole project in collaboration with LBMS/UBO(simulation of the global energy chain of a marine current turbine from resource to grid). The aim of this work is to develop a prediction tool including model of the resource (marine currents, turbine, generators, converters, control laws) (Contact : JF Charpentier)

Propulsion and energy in ships

-# Modelling and study of new concepts of PM Multiphase propulsion machine associated with voltage source inverters.

-# Study of new concepts of propulsion and energy systems (energy Storage systems, MHD propellers, EMALS)