The Geographical Information Science research group


The GIS (Geographical Information Systems) research group is a pluri-disciplinary research team with a predominance of computer science scientists, who are also in charge of the scientific training of the navy cadets. Research activities of the group are oriented towards the modelling and analysis of two- and three-dimensional temporal and geographical data. Applications are particularly oriented to the maritime domain.

The research conducted is organised in two complementary research themes:

-* Development of two- and three spatio-temporal models for the integration of geographical information [en],

-* Development of novel models and architectures for the processing of maritime data applied to maritime transportation and security [fr].

These research activities are valorised by technology transfers [fr] towards public and industrial partners [fr] .

The team

[The team is currently composed of 7 academics and several PhD students->rub118] whose expertise cover the following domains:

-* Spatio-temporal reasoning and modelling,

-* Geometrical algorithms and geomorphometry,

-* Web and mobile GIS design and implementation.

The team is member of the national research cluster GDR SIGMA [fr], the doctoral students attached to the École Doctorale des Sciences de la Mer de l’UBO [fr].


The group is particularly active in developping applied projects with the industrial cluster "Pôle Mer Bretagne" and in join projects oriented to the maritime domain developed at the regional and national level. At the international level, the team has several projects with several universities amongst them the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Shanghai Maritime University, the University of Pusan in Korea, Laval University in Canada, University College in Dublin and the University of la Manouba in Tunisia.

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