Officers of the Watch

“More than an internship, a one-of-a-kind experience: Officer of the Watch”
At sea, the officer of the watch is in charge of the “Con,” meaning:

- navigation;
- execution of ship manoeuvring;
- management of the bridge team.
In addition to their watches, they have managerial responsibilities, and can occupy cross-functional roles (communication, management, planning,etc.). The length of at-sea missions varies depending on the geopolitical context and current Navy
operations. Assigned to cities or overseas, they may be required to navigate across all of the world’s seas.

Midshipman Sébastien G., 22 years old,
Officer of the Watch on the Ventôse frigate :

“Three months ago, I was in a lecture hall studying integrated electronic systems; today, I’m fighting against drug trafficking in the Caribbean. On board the Ventôse frigate, I am responsible for navigation and external communication.
It is a practical application of management that no company could have given me. My final year of engineering studies has been extraordinary!”