Mechanical and Energetical Engineering in Naval Environment


The M2EN (Mechanical and Energetical Engineering in Naval Environment) research group is specialized in fluid mechanics, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Basic researches are dedicated to the multi-physical study of the operation and the control of hydrodynamic systems in the propulsive field, and to the renewable marine energies.

This interdisciplinary research relies on the expertise of the different members of the team in various fields such as fluid mechanics, mechanics, design and manufacturing, and electrical engineering. Research topics are currently developed towards two axis :

-# Hydrodynamics for Naval Environment :
-**Experimental study and modelling of diphasic flows and cavitating flows
Surface roughness.
-**Fluid-structure interaction

expérience de cavitation

-# Electro-mechanical Conversion and Renewable Marine Energies :
-**Design of electrical machines dedicated to marine propellers and marine current energy recovery systems
-**Development of design tools of multiphase magnet machines

Both experimental and numerical methods are implemented. Experiments are carried out by means of large experimental facilities (cavitation tunnel, Taylor-couette flow facility, 3 axis machining centre) and their associated measurement equipment (LDV, PIV, strain gauge balance...). Numerical approaches are based on in-house codes as well as industrial ones. The staff is currently composed of 11 academics and several PhD students. The group is developing collaborative work with other French and foreign research centres.

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Examples of research projects

-* Unsteady propulsion – case of the LIPP rotor (fr)
-* Propeller machining (fr)
-* Deformation of a sail (fr)
-* Cavitation instability (fr)
-* Renewable Marine Energy, the Hydrole project, in partnership with UBO (fr PDF)

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