Advanced Master’s in Renewable Marine Energies®

Advanced Master’s in Renewable Marine Energies

This advanced master’s degree®, co-accredited with ENSTA Bretagne and Télécom Bretagne, with the participation of UBO and IFREMER, trains project or programme managers dedicated to the development of energy production systems and farms at sea. Future graduates have several career options. They can carry out on-site studies for the major players in the energy industry or for specialised consulting firms, from the perspective of available resources, infrastructures and rights of way, operational practices, environmental impacts, and the legal and regulatory consequences that must be taken into account, while working within budget constraints. They can also work for a major industrial group or an SME as developers and/or project managers in sea-based energy production systems and platforms
Contact : Jean-Frédéric Charpentier, MdC, HDR, IRENav

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