Underwater Acoustics (UWA)

Members of the UWA Team

Head :
-* Abdel BOUDRAA (Associate Professor, HdR)

Members :
-* Delphine DARE-EMZIVAT (Associate Professor)
-* Rozenn DESMARE (Associate Professor)
-* Laurent GUILLON (Associate Professor)
-* Valérie LABAT (Associate Professor)
-* [->aut62] (Lecturer)

PhD Students :
- Clement AUBRY
- Etienne BOUTTARD
- Achraf DRIRA

Research Activities

Underwater Acoustics Group Research is focused on the study of scattering phenomenas between acoustic waves from Sonar systems and obstacles, targets of geophysical seabeds.

The final purpose lies upon achieving better performances for predictive systems, for civil as well as military applications.
Research activities from the UWA Group involve both acoustical and signal analysis.

Global Overview of the Activities

Two main topics are devopped by UWA Group:

Topic 1: Modelling and geoacoustical inversion

In charge: Laurent GUILLON

Contributors: Rozenn DESMARE, Valérie LABAT, [->aut62]

Phd Students: Etienne BOUTTARD , Clement AUBRY , Achraf DRIRA .

-** Détection, localisation et classification d’objets enfouis
-** Utilisation quantitative des sondeurs de sédiments
-** Géoacoustique basses fréquences
-** Propagation en Sismologie

Topic 2: Acoustical Signal Processing

In charge: Abdel BOUDRAA

Contributors: Delphine DARE-EMZIVAT,

Phd Students: Ali KOMATY

-** Détection et classification de cibles par THT
-** Caractérisation des fonds par EMD2D